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Friday 29 July 2016

Team Byrne Charity Cycling Challenge - Stage 2

Stage 2 of 2: Lyon to Nice

Team Byrne has done it, cycled from Lyon to Nice, 450 miles with 48,000ft of climbing in five gruelling days. The climbing was equivalent to nearly two Everest’s from sea level. 

Raising funds for the local handicapped respite care facilities in East Surrey. The team enjoyed taking their sport to a new level and pitting their endurance against nature in the raw, what with thunder, hail, animals and low temperatures on the passes and 35°C+ in the valleys. Speeds varying from 8mph on some of the climbs to 50mph on the long switch backed descents.

We would like to thank to all who supported Team Byrne. To date, approximately £3,500 pounds has been raised.

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