Tuesday 4 January 2011

Byrne helps Building Lives

Byrne Group is supporting a new publication aimed at highlighting the wealth of opportunities in construction for young people of all backgrounds. In it, senior figures from across the industry speak candidly on how they overcame tough beginnings to build successful careers in the sector.

Building Lives has been published by the Construction Youth Trust with support from Byrne Group and Grosvenor. It is intended to help promote diversity in the sector.

Patsy Byrne said: We value diversity. It helps keep our business healthy to inject new and interesting ideas and views from bright young people who see our business through different eyes.

Supporting the Construction Youth Trust is win - win. The Trust provides us with individuals who possess raw talent and who have the potential to develop, and we provide them with a career opportunity, underpinning their individual future in the industry as well as supporting the future of our business.? 

Byrne Bros. shortlisted for Building magazine's Sustainability Awards