Top-Down Construction

Byrne Bros. has vast experience of top-down construction.

This form of construction typically offers the opportunity for significant programme gains over the traditional ‘blue sky’ building sequence on projects with deep basements.

It minimises the basement construction work prior to commencing the superstructure, such as the works that we carried out at The Shard London Bridge.

The majority of our projects with basement construction are carried out in parallel, in a top-down sequence.

On complex city sites it can also greatly aid the control of ground movement with adjacent rail assets, utilities and properties.

Top-down allows early completion of a ground floor slab, which means contracts can benefit from improved access and logistics.

At The Shard London Bridge, top-down construction required Byrne Bros. to carry out a continuous pour in excess of 5,000m3. At the time, the pour was the largest continuous concrete pour in a commercial office development.

Over a 36-hour period 700 truckloads of concrete where delivered to site.