“I have been a part of the Byrne Bros. graduate training programme since the completion of my degree in June 2014.

This comprehensive graduate programme has allowed me to experience a lot of aspects of the construction industry. During the two years that I have worked here I have been engaged in many different roles, including; setting out, Pre-Construction Planner, Quantity Surveyor, Health & Safety Engineer and many more.

By partaking in all these roles, it has greatly expanded my knowledge of both the company and the industry. As Byrne Bros. is a family based company it means there has been consistent support from both superiors and colleagues alike.

It has been a challenging and engaging process but undoubtedly it has made me into a well-informed professional of the industry.

I believe this programme is ideal for candidates who are interested in the construction industry, and want to explore all the opportunity’s that can come with working in it.“


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