Vision, Values & People

Our Vision

We are committed to working tirelessly for the health, SAFETY and wellbeing of our colleagues and those around us.

We want the PEOPLE who work with us - our clients, delivery partners and colleagues - to be part of our team, not just for one project but for life.

We want to build success based upon customer satisfaction, collaboration, value for money and reliable DELIVERY. 

We believe in customer service and in creating long lasting, trusting RELATIONSHIPS.

We provide the resources and environments, for learning and creativity, to assist everyone to achieve the highest standards of performance and to inspire INNOVATION .

Byrne Group Values

Our core values are at the centre of everything we do:




Our People

We invest in our staff throughout their career and devote considerable resources into developing their skills, building confidence and capability. This means we can achieve the highest safety standards, and meet clients’ expectations, delivering real value through all aspects of our work.

We have established motivated teams, which have successfully worked together on numerous projects, delivering exceptional quality across all sectors. We also believe it is important to recruit, invest in and retain the future talent of the construction industry. Against a backdrop of strong leadership and sense of family, this combination of expertise is a powerful force.

Our people are our reputation and we are recognised as industry leaders because of their efforts. At every level, we provide our diverse workforce with opportunities, challenges, respect and a voice; after all, we realise our success is directly attributable to their endeavours.

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do, and we have created a culture that has enabled us to build an unrivalled reputation.

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