Corporate Social Responsibility

Our duty to being a socially responsible business goes beyond compliance.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is aligned with our vision and core values, and demonstrates the acknowledgement of our role in the environments and communities in which we work.

We comply with all applicable laws, regulations and employment standards wherever we operate, and engage openly with our stakeholders.

Safety, Health and Sustainability

We are committed to:

Working tirelessly for the health, safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and those around us;

A health and safety performance that can be admired and to leading our industry in this area;

Building a sustainable future through our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, which plays an essential role in the governance of our operations;

Continually improving our performance by embracing innovation to further streamline our construction methods towards the aspiration of truly lean construction

Byrne Group's National Skills Academy for Construction programme met 96% of its targets over the three-year programme.


We are committed to:

Providing the resources and environments, for learning and creativity, to assist our employees to achieve the highest standards of performance and to inspire innovation;

Encouraging team working and the sharing of knowledge throughout the organisation;

Recognising employees’ individual and team contributions and to rewarding them appropriately;

Respecting the rights and dignity of every employee and to treating them fairly and without discrimination;

Attracting young people into our industry, and to retaining them, alongside our existing workforce, as part of our team, not just for one project, but for life.

Byrne Group employees support construction charities, initiatives and organisations such as the Construction Youth Trust and Women into Construction.

Community Engagement

We are committed to:

The development of local community programmes wherever we operate, in consultation with our stakeholders;

Initiating and participating in training and education schemes and communications and awareness campaigns to help develop the employability and skills of young people seeking a career in construction, especially those from under-represented groups;

Leaving behind not only completed structures, but a long lasting positive impact on the communities which neighbour our projects. Through offering not only employment opportunities, but access to training and up-skilling qualifications, we aim to leave behind a local workforce which is more employable and skilled as a result of engaging with our business.

Delivery Partners

We are committed to:

Employing suppliers and subcontractors whose policies, standards and ethics are aligned to our own;

Customer service and in creating long lasting, trusting relationships with clients and delivery partners.

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Every year we gift a minimum of 500 hours of volunteer time or equivalent in free materials, professional advice and services for charity or community projects.