Central St Giles


Central St Giles was a mixed development situated just south of New Oxford Street, next to the Centre Point Tower. It comprised of a 15-storey residential block and a 10 storey commercial block around a central piazza. The development was designed by the Architect Renzo Piano and is distinctive for the bright multi-coloured cladding that is a feature of the completed development.

Post piling works entailed a basement excavation of 69,250m

150 tonnes of temporary works steelwork

We completed the construction of a reinforced concrete basement over the whole site footprint took place, including large 900mm wide reinforced walls along the St Giles High Street elevation to allow this side of the basement to cantilever out from the rest of the structure, preventing load transfer onto the proposed Crossrail tunnels.

The basement was completed in stages to allow early start of the steel framed commercial building. Three slipform cores and two jump-form cores were built from basement level to a height of 55m, utilising strong control procedures and modifications to the slipform rigs and jump-form platforms, to allow works to be safely constructed below without the need for exclusion zones. The residential building was constructed with a reinforced concrete frame built through November to April and was completed two months ahead of schedule.




Renzo Piano

Main Contractor

Bovis Lend Lease



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